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About Yuliana G

Internationally Certified Face &

Pelvic Floor Yoga Expert

Hi everybody!

I’m Yuliana, a Face & Pelvic Floor Yoga Expert certified by yoga alliance, academy of face fitness and G-fit, pelvic floor yoga training school. 

In the past 12 years, I’ve been acquiring the knowledge and sharing the world’s best techniques to improve female health with thousands of women. I studied related topics in multiple countries and in various schools. My education includes but is not limited to:

- Certified Yoga Teacher

- Certified Face Fitness Trainer

- Certified Pelvic Floor Yoga Instructor

- Certified Energy Therapy Coach

- Certified Nutrigenetic Specialist

Based on my own experience and the experience of my clients, I created pelvic floor and face yoga programs, which are helping thousands of women all over the world to get rid of incontinence, tone their abdominal and face muscles, connect with their bodies, and become healthier and happier versions of themselves. I hope I could help you too.

If you want to get to know me or have any hesitations,  schedule a free 20-min online consultation with me. I am looking forward to meeting you.


My certifications


Why trust me? I've been in your shoes.

I had my first baby girl when I was 29. It was a natural birth with complications - I had an episiotomy. As happy as I was to hold my daughter, the first month after delivery, I couldn’t even touch my pelvic area - everything hurt and I was afraid that my pelvic floor was ruined.

3 months later, I restarted physical activities but it wasn’t what I expected. I started to wet my underwear every time I was running or jumping. I was embarrassed, and as much as I wanted to continue leading an active lifestyle, I had to limit it because of the leakage.

On top of incontinence, I discovered that I had a prolapse and my gynecologist suggested surgery though I wasn’t ready for another surgery down there so I decided to not do anything about it.

I adjusted my lifestyle, limited activities that included jumping and running, and stopped doing sports that I loved. As a result, I started gaining weight, wasn’t able to get rid of it, and was getting progressively more and more frustrated with the situation.

But then something magical happened. I got introduced to pelvic floor yoga and it changed my life. Just after 2 months of training, I went back to my pre-birth state - got rid of incontinence, started getting back in shape, became more energetic, more confident, and definitely happier!

I became a huge fan of pelvic floor exercises and they’re a part of my daily routine. A few years later, I got pregnant with my second child. This time it wasn’t scary. After my second birth, I didn’t even get a prolapse or incontinence because I came into my pregnancy already in great shape, with toned pelvic floor muscles.

Today, I'm a certified pelvic floor yoga instructor myself. I knew from first-hand experience how demoralizing it was to face pelvic floor issues and how it was making me feel there was no way back to myself as I knew me.

So I started my own practice - and now I’m helping women to get rid of incontinence, prolapse, digestion issues, constipation, improve libido and overall energy level, and much more. I am sharing everything that I’ve learned through years in my personal or group coaching sessions, online courses, and consultations so that more women can lead a happy healthy life.

Yuliana G's Face & Pelvic Floor
Yoga Method


Based on

- Classic yogic vacuum and breathing techniques and asanas

 - Face muscles relaxation and building

- Energy practices


Works with

- Hormonal system

- Body diaphragms

- Pelvic floor muscles

- Deepest abdominal muscles

- Face muscles and tissues

- Inner body energy 



- Women's health improvement (no incontinence, no intimate infections, no prolapse)

- Toned and strong abdominal muscles & beautiful flat stomach

- Younger and fresher look & feel, wrinkles reduction

- Energy level increase

- Happier and healthier you

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