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In my practice, I’m talking to a lot of women about their pelvic floor health and, as crazy as it sounds, nearly every second one is suffering from incontinence but doesn’t do anything about it.

Our pelvic floor muscles often get weaker (and incontinence gets worse) after:

❗️giving birth


❗️long-lasting cough

Unfortunately, women endure it in silence and hope that things will get better on their own 🤷🏻‍♀️

Often years go by and YOUR PELVIC HEALTH keeps deteriorating. It’s a common problem: statistics show that 38,6% of women older than 30 y.o. experience incontinence symptoms.

In developed countries, around 30% of those women seek professional help to solve the issue, in developing countries only around 10% do so.

The common self-talks that stop us from seeking for help 👇

🙄”Ah, that’s normal. All women experience this, nothing I can do about it”

😬”I’ll just get a thicker pad, will stop myself from coughing and laughing too hard. I’ll be fine”

😳”Oh, well. I’ll just have to stop running and jumping. Maybe sport is not for me anymore”

😞”Sex is overrated. At my age, it’s okay not to have it“

😧”Yeah, I’m uncomfortable and I’d like to get rid of it but I don’t know what to do. So I do nothing”

Unfortunately, in our society, we value the way we look a lot more than the way we feel and women often prioritize cosmetic procedures and beauty care over health. But the fact that it’s not visible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! The “invisible” problems with female health often make us age more with the stress they bring to us and a drop in self-confidence because of all the discomfort and constant thoughts that your underwear might get wet or paranoia that you might smell like pee.

Incontinence is caused by a weak pelvic floor and the more it’s neglected, the worse it becomes. The next steps are often vaginal flatulence (farting sounds from the vagina), internal organs prolapse etc.

We need to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles, they can’t get in shape on their own.

It’s crazy to think that some cases can be solved in just a month by consistent exercises AT HOME. Some might take a bit longer but in around 3 months of pelvic floor yoga training, 99% of the issues will be GONE FOREVER!⠀

Women often look for more radical cures 🤦‍♀️

E.g. they would be more prone to go for surgery, buy some expensive equipment that promises miracles and do things that don’t really help because the core of the problem (weak pelvic floor muscles) is still there. Without training the muscles, we can’t progress. That’s why women often get disappointed when surgeries or training equipment doesn’t work.


A healing path is JUST 15 MIN of pelvic floor yoga A DAY. I GUARANTEE you will GET RID OF INCONTINENCE in 90 days with consistent 15-min/day training. Can you find this time for yourself?

I’m sure you can.

Pelvic floor health is the base of women’s health. If you keep postponing taking care of it, it’ll never strengthen. Isn’t it a price too high to pay?

Start your pelvic floor yoga practice today. Get your 1-1 consultation with me. Follow examples of my happy healthy clients.

strong independent women on a street in mexico

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And what did Kegel create? 🧐

dr. kegel old black and white photo

Every woman knows about Kegel exercises. But what exactly does everyone about Arnold Kegel’s invention?

Let’s dive into history to understand it better. The doctor worked in the 1940s, and before him, there was a whole era of Geishas, ​​priestesses, and concubines, there were Taoist practices and yoga. Women knew about pelvic floor training and were practicing it on their own. There are even myths that Cleopatra's tomb had pebbles of the exact shape and size as intimate balls we use to train pelvic floor muscles!

So why is Kegel famous? Not for pelvic floor training in general but he invented a simulator for strengthening the muscles of the pelvis called "Perineometer".

At first, he conducted mini-trainings: during the examination, he tested whether the woman really retracts the perineum, and if the woman does not know how to do this, he first taught them how to retract correctly and only then allowed to use the simulator.

Over the past 20 years, knowledge about the anatomy and biomechanics of the body has advanced a lot, and the modern system of pelvic floor training has changed a lot in its approach: it has become obvious that the body is a complicated and interconnected system, and the modern approach takes into account everything: from a woman’s habits in everyday life, her posture, condition of the diaphragm, clamps in the small pelvis, lifestyle, including myofascial release, stretching, and many other factors.

The effect of pelvic floor yoga is still better with equipment as Kegel concluded. In today’s crazy variety of those training pieces, I settled on 2 that I like the most: intimate balls and a vaginal expander.

Are you intrigued by all of it and want to learn more? Then get in touch - I’ll be happy to talk it over in an introductory chat.

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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Let’s start from the beginning, from Nauli’s definition. Nauli is part of classical hatha yoga practice (and my pelvic floor yoga program). While it is not often taught (it’s objectively a difficult movement), the exercise has so many positive effects on our body! Today, let’s focus on its effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

One of the strongest and fastest effects to feel is the elimination of constipation and bloating. An adult body retains up to 5 kg of fecal masses that form blockages and intoxicate our bodies from within.

It is important to empty our bowels regularly. Fecal masses create intra-abdominal pressure that negatively affects the libido and the pelvic organs.

The healthy gut produces serotonin, the joy hormone, which affects our mood. Therefore, making sure our bowel emptying patterns are regular is very important for our brains.

For regular defecation, we need healthy bile flow. Bile is a powerful activator of intestinal work. It destroys pathogens and maintains a balance of microflora. Nauli practice promotes healthy bile outflow. By activating the muscles of the abdominal cavity, we’re activating bile outflow and, subsequently, bowel movements. This eliminates constipation and bloating.

The intestine is an organ that is responsible for immunity and regulates hormones. It’s highly important to keep it healthy. By practicing Nauli on a regular basis, you promote your gastrointestinal tract's healthy function.

yuliana g is performing nauli pelvic floor yoga practice

Try Nauli today together with me - schedule your 1-1 consultation. Need some inspiration? Check my latest success stories here.

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