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A powerful yoga practice to elevate your female health

Fifteen years ago, if I heard women sharing that they were connecting with their feminine energy and improving their health through yoga practices, I wasn’t really sure what they were talking about neither I was believing in its effectiveness. Like many other women, I didn’t know how to achieve this or why that was important.

Not that I didn’t have female health issues (read my story here). I was suffering from many aspects of womanhood - incontinence after giving birth for the first time, lack of intimate zone sensitivity and lack of my own pleasure during *sex, and a lack of confidence. Like too many other women.

I didn’t want to leave it as it was though. I had a different vision for myself - I wanted to be healthy, get back in shape, feel confident and attractive again, full of energy, connected, and in my power. I spent many years and tried various methods in attempting to achieve this vision. I tried medical counseling, courses, books and podcasts. Though I still had a weak pelvic floor, wasn’t able to do sports that I loved, wasn’t getting satisfaction in bed and I didn’t feel confident. Pelvic floor yoga was an absolute game-changer. For the first time ever, I felt connected with my female energy, with my womb, with my pelvic floor and I realized how powerful this connection was. I had such a deep sense of appreciation for my body that I had never felt before.

woman Yuliana G laying down on the floor doing pelvic floor yoga holding hands on belly

In pelvic floor yoga, I was invited to get to know all my body parts intimately and get comfortable and confident with my intimate zone. It was such a powerful weapon to get that self-esteem up and achieve better internal harmony. My energy levels were improving too, my incontinence was gone in 2 months. I felt healthier, happier and more in tune with myself.

The more I was learning about pelvic floor yoga, the more I was realizing that the wisdom lies in many ancient traditions. Our female organs and our pelvic floor muscles are a sacred space of positive qualities like creativity, feminine power and compassion.

Pelvic floor yoga allows you to connect to your sacred space to build a healthy relationship with your body, and with yourself. Pelvic floor yoga consists of mostly yogic asanas that are focusing on female energy and breathwork. It guides you to emotionally, physically, and spiritually connect to your female self in a simple and easeful way and has incredible health benefits.

Want to try a simple 8-min workout to see if you enjoy it? Check it out here.

Hesitant? Get a free consultation here.

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