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Can you have incontinence and not know it?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

I was surprised to discover how many women are experiencing urinary incontinence but don’t register it as an issue and don’t look for solutions to fix it. They often think that it's a normal part of motherhood or aging and going into menopause so they put up with incontinence. Even though it seriously affects their life quality, emotional balance, body image, sexuality, libido etc. And in some cases, it might progress to more severe forms that are a serious health risk. It’s a medical condition and it should be treated.

Incontinence is common but it's not normal and women definitely don’t have to put up with it. Though I’m not here to blame women for not taking care of the urinal leakage. I myself was one of those who put up with it (read my personal story here) because I didn’t know how to treat it and the only solution I was offered by my doctor, was surgery (scary, invasive and expensive).

yuliana g stomach exercises pelvic floor yoga

I suffered from incontinence for several years. And let me tell you, those years weren’t fun. Constant worrying about wetting your pants, lack of self-confidence, irritability, and life adjustments - it negatively affected my life in so many ways. Many women who have it in lighter forms use a tampon or a sanitary pad to “deal” with the issue or limit certain activities that cause the leakage. But imagine a life without those adjustments. A life where you’re happy, healthy, confident, and attractive! A life where you aren’t buying female sanitary products in crazy amounts (which might add up to a hefty bill) and don’t have to use them non-stop (which is just uncomfortable).

The happier, healthier you is easier to achieve than you think! It takes $60 and 90 days to get rid of incontinence by doing pelvic floor yoga for just 10-15 min a day! I’m leading to my online course “Women’s health 1.0 or get rid of incontinence in 90 days” :) You’ll be surprised how many health benefits apart from getting rid of incontinence practicing pelvic floor yoga daily brings. To name a few:

✔️ Improves digestion

✔️ Prevents internal organs prolapse

✔️ Normalizes menstrual cycle

✔️ Increases libido

✔️ Supports pleasurable, pain-free sex

✔️ Eases childbirth

✔️ Speeds up postpartum recovery

✔️ Tones and strengthens abdomen muscles that form a flat and beautiful belly

Want to see some proof? Read my clients’ success stories.

Your health and happiness are in your hands. Join my online course to feel like your best self. The first class is on me ;)

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