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Consistency is the key to pelvic (and any other) training success

There’s no well-defined timeframe for you to feel the results. The duration varies case by case but I can confidently say that for most cases that I work with, women see tremendous progress in 90 days of short and easy daily exercises. 90 days/12 weeks/3 months is one of the most common timeframes fitness and yoga programs would suggest you commit to.

women yoga class in the park grass

The famous 90 days are the time your mind is getting used to the new routines and your body starts changing so you see the results and realize your journey has been for something and this something is your new feeling of self - healthier, smilier, more energetic, and happier. So you wouldn’t want to stop :) And this is the key - consistency.

Healthy routines are most effective when they become part of your daily life - pelvic floor yoga, face yoga, high-intensity training, healthy diet - all these practices are the foundation of a healthy life but are only effective if they’re part of your lifestyle.

Incorporating exercises into your daily routine is the only way to get results and feel continuous improvement. If you do it for a while and then drop it, it’s going to have a lesser effect. Like a diet. It only works if it becomes a new healthy habit. ⁠

And I know that daily commitment sounds scary but trust me, it will only take a few weeks of waking up 5 min earlier to get the exercises done. And then it’ll be weird without them. ⁠

⁠There’s also a “hack” - you can progress faster if you train with equipment e.g. expanders or intimate balls (I’ll be sharing more information about the equipment soon!). A healthy diet and an active lifestyle are other progress accelerators. It’s all connected :)

Give it a try. Don’t let the pelvic floor issues and incontinence progress. Join my online course to improve your women’s health in 90 days or book a free 20 min online consultation first. I’d love for you to see and feel the results.⁠

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