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Hello beauties! Yuliana here

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Like almost any other, my journey to becoming a face & pelvic floor yoga coach was full of ups and downs. It started with my personal experience of postpartum recovery and incontinence, with a search for solutions to improve my health in modern healthcare systems (and their failure), with a desire to be healthy, happy and young. So let's get to it :)

I had my first baby girl when I was 29. It wasn't an easy delivery - the doctors had to make an episiotomy and use a vacuum to take her out. As happy as I was to hold my daughter, the first month after delivery, I couldn’t even touch my pelvic area - everything hurt and I was afraid that my pelvic floor was ruined.

I went to a gynecologist 1,5 months after the birth and she told me that there is a prolapse but it wasn't critical and I need to give myself time. So I did. 3 months later, I restarted physical activities but it wasn’t what I expected. I started to pee my underwear every time I was running or jumping. That wasn’t pleasant to say the least. I was embarrassed, and as much as I wanted to continue leading an active lifestyle, I had to limit it because of the leakage.

I came back to the gynecologist for another consultation. I wanted to know what are my recovery options and how to restore my pelvic floor health. She suggested surgery. I gave it a thought but quickly realized, I wasn’t ready for another surgery down there. I was offered no alternative treatments.

So I adjusted my lifestyle, limited activities that included jumping and running, stopped doing sports that I loved. I was gaining more and more weight, wasn’t able to get rid of it, and was getting progressively more and more frustrated with the situation.

In 2014, I got introduced to a G-fit system, pelvic floor training. I was intrigued! The promise of the school was getting your pelvic floor health by training. No surgeries, no medications - a natural recovery. So I took individual classes with Tatiana, the founder of G-fit, and in 2 months (!!!!) went back to my pre-birth state. I resumed all jumping and running, got into shape, became more confident (it’s impressive how wetting your underwear affects your self-esteem) and definitely happier! Pelvic floor yoga became part of my daily routine.

In 2018 I got pregnant with my second child, and after my second birth in 2019, I didn’t even get a prolapse or incontinence because I came into my pregnancy already being in great shape, with toned pelvic floor muscles.

In 2020 I became a certified G-fit pelvic floor instructor meself. I knew from first-hand experience how demoralizing it was to face pelvic floor issues and how it was making me feel there was no way back to myself as I knew me. So I started my own practice - and now I’m helping women to get rid of incontinence, prolapse, digestion issues, constipation, improve their libidos and overall energy level and much more. I am sharing everything that I’ve learned through the years in my personal or group coaching sessions, online courses, and consultations so that more women can lead a happy healthy life.

In parallel with my pelvic floor studies, I was getting certified as a face yoga coach by the international academy of face fitness. Looking and feeling young was always important to me and as with pelvic floor health, modern medicine wasn't able to offer any natural, long-term solutions. After 30, the only recommendations from cosmetologists that I was getting, were botox injections and hyaluronic fillers (that would always come together with a total of nearly 2,000 estimated investment).

I decided to try alternative methods and came to face yoga. After all, I could always do botox if it didn't work. But it did. I started as an amateur, I was following programs of a few face yoga instructors and doing exercises by myself (which now I know weren't 100% correct :)) and in just 2 months of consistent exercises, I saw my face oval getting more toned, my forehead wrinkles smoothing, my skin color getting healthier.

Fast-forward to today, I teach face yoga myself helping women all over the world to look and feel yogner, healthier, and happier.

Face and pelvic floor yoga are the two main focuses of my method but the exercises I share aren't limited to it. My practice combines all the best of yoga and meditation routines, female energy practice, pelvic floor and face fitness exercises.

Yuliana G woman doing yoga exercises pelvic floor training sitting in a lotus position in the garden wearing tiger print yoga bra

Focusing on myself, getting to know myself, and getting the right education helped me to find harmony and happiness in life. It helps me on a daily basis - I get enough energy & resources to be the best version of myself with my family - a husband and my two daughters. Which is the most important thing for me.

Today, my goal is to help more women to become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. I hope you'll be one of them.

Get in touch with me for a free 20-min consultation - I'll be happy to discuss the areas you feel need attention.

Yours, Yuliana

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