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How do we damage our pelvic floor without knowing it?

Yet another truth about the pelvic floor - it’s more fragile than we think and some habits/actions might be dangerous to our pelvic health. Some things that don’t even seem related sometimes become the reason for pelvic floor muscles tightness or weakness.

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What are those habits?

1. Ignoring hormonal imbalances in your body

Did you know constipation is a hormonal imbalance problem? Well, it is. If you suffer from constipation and don’t do anything about it, fecal masses accumulate, put pressure on the intestinal machines, and increase the load on the muscles of the pelvic floor, stretching and weakening them.

2. Pushing fecal masses with effort

This seemingly harmless habit causes an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, creating an additional load on our pelvic floor. This leads to the pelvic muscles overtiring and weakening.

How to avoid damaging our pelvic floor with it? First and foremost, it to normalize nutrition - exclude raw vegetables at night (you can eat thermally processed greens), exclude refined sugar, incorporate daily consumption of steamed flaxseeds to normalize digestion, and drink a glass of warm water with lemon every evening for a better outflow of bile. And in parallel start practicing pelvic floor yoga on a regular basis. Vacuum techniques and training of the pelvic floor muscles is the best prevention (or recovery) method.

3. Controlling urinating

The habit of controlling urinating disrupts the natural reflex mechanism and forms an incorrect muscle “under-relaxation” pattern. I strongly recommend stopping it if you’re guilty of that! Do not try to interfere with natural physiology - this is harmful to our women's health.

4. Don’t overdo it with pelvic floor equipment, especially vaginal balls or Kegels

Pelvic floor equipment is an excellent simulator if you work with it according to the training schedule and professional recommendations. What can make it dangerous if overdoing it - you can’t just carry balls inside all day long (this is NOT the case of “the longer the better”) - the muscles stretch, overstrain and weaken.

My pelvic floor training program is perfect for everyone who wants to understand their body, preserve youth and beauty, improve women's health, increase vaginal sensitivity and normalize hormonal levels.

Schedule your 1-1 private training today to define the happiest, healthiest version of yourself with my guidance or join my online course to do it on your own.

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