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How to look younger in your 40's?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

I was 33 when I came to the cosmetologist to get some advice on treatments like biorevitalisation or mesotherapy. She gave me a list of recommended injections, there were botox injections and hyaluronic fillers for almost every area of the face I knew and a 1,700 bill for that.

I took some time to think it over and went out from her just with one thought: “But one day I will be 43, 53, 83. What will I do then?” So before signing up for injections I decided to try alternative methods and came to face yoga. What if it helps? As if it doesn’t, I can always take a date for botox anyway.

I started to search for information, signed up for different face trainers, and read about face fitness, face building, and other techniques. The first results came in 2 weeks after everyday practice. I was half-serious about it, was learning when I had time, was making quite a few mistakes but I still saw the results. So did other people - I was getting questions about my skincare routine a lot (only to surprise people that it wasn't a magical cream - it was a magical set of exercises).

After 2 years of a daily face yoga routine, I started sharing my "secrets" with my friends. Some of them implemented those exercises into their daily routines as well and were impressed by the fact that it actually worked! Inspired by my own and my friends' results, I decided to look for a proper face yoga education and landed on Face Fitness International School. Fast forward to today - I'm a certified face yoga trainer, I share face yoga knowledge and practice it with hundreds of women over personal and group training sessions. I get tremendous satisfaction seeing results that my clients get and my only wish it to grow the practice further so more women can learn about natural ways to take care of their faces and look younger, fresher and happier.

Face gymnastics training by Yuliana G women at the table talking

Did I manage to intrigue you? :) You can book a free consultation with me here to learn more about face yoga or head straight to an individual session booking here so we can focus on your face together, assess your needs and define the best way to get to that young, fresh and toned face!

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