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Natural ULTRA-effective energy boost

Not enough energy for anything? Struggling to wake up early? Having mood swings?

Get a natural energy boost with pelvic floor yoga that will change your day in so many ways:


Due to self-massage of internal organs, the endocrine system stabilizes, the hormonal background comes into balance. It increases stress resistance, calmness and inner satisfaction👌

✅ Energy:

Nauli is a unique method of working on the main energy distribution center in our subtle body.

The technique affects the navel area, where the energy center, the Manipura chakra, is activated. It is the center of divergence of energy channels throughout the body.

So, pelvic floor yoga & Nauli help to distribute energy and eliminate blockages in energy flows. This is the chakra of will and fortitude. After that, you will move mountains and achieve any goals 🙌

✅Energy of locks☝️

The locks in Nauli are Bandhas. Bandhas work with the psyche and subtle energies in the body.

We use three important locks in training:

✔️Sushumna - The central channel through which the energy of Kundalini rises

✔️Ida nadi left, female channel. Activates mental and mental energy, nervous system, body recovery process

✔️ Pingala nadi - right, male channel. Activates the action itself, the process of generating powerful energy🌪

Bandha practice is a proven way to keep your body healthy.

Energy channels become clogged with age.

Reason: resentment, false attitudes, low self-esteem, fears, complexes, experiences, self-doubt.

The practice of pelvic floor yoga cleanses the channels, eliminating all ailments and diseases.

Yuliana G pelvic floor yoga nauli practice woman's belly yoga outfit

The ability to manage your energies helps to establish all areas of life at once. When we are full of energy, we know where to get it and how to balance it, then we are in harmony, enjoy life, “wonderful” desired transformations take place. The need for anything disappears, Abundance and Prosperity come in all areas of life.

The vast majority of my clients have noticed that after practicing in the morning, it’s like starting a motor, and there is a lot of energy! 🔥 It invigorates better than coffee, and helps even with lack of sleep ☕️ This ritual works like magic - even the day is more successful.

Want to try it out? Get in touch - book a 30-minute discovery call with me to find the best starting point.

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