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Nauli as a perfect practice to improve gastrointestinal tract function

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Let’s start from the beginning, from Nauli’s definition. Nauli is part of classical hatha yoga practice (and my pelvic floor yoga program). While it is not often taught (it’s objectively a difficult movement), the exercise has so many positive effects on our body! Today, let’s focus on its effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

One of the strongest and fastest effects to feel is the elimination of constipation and bloating. An adult body retains up to 5 kg of fecal masses that form blockages and intoxicate our bodies from within.

It is important to empty our bowels regularly. Fecal masses create intra-abdominal pressure that negatively affects the libido and the pelvic organs.

The healthy gut produces serotonin, the joy hormone, which affects our mood. Therefore, making sure our bowel emptying patterns are regular is very important for our brains.

For regular defecation, we need healthy bile flow. Bile is a powerful activator of intestinal work. It destroys pathogens and maintains a balance of microflora. Nauli practice promotes healthy bile outflow. By activating the muscles of the abdominal cavity, we’re activating bile outflow and, subsequently, bowel movements. This eliminates constipation and bloating.

The intestine is an organ that is responsible for immunity and regulates hormones. It’s highly important to keep it healthy. By practicing Nauli on a regular basis, you promote your gastrointestinal tract's healthy function.

yuliana g is performing nauli pelvic floor yoga practice

Try Nauli today together with me - schedule your 1-1 consultation. Need some inspiration? Check my latest success stories here.

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