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Pelvic floor yoga: where to start?

The main goal of pelvic floor yoga is getting rid of women's health issues and their prevention, connection with your body and your feminine self, increasing confidence levels and improving the quality of sexual life.

Pelvic floor muscles are the basis of our women's health and the quality of intimate relationships. When pelvic floor muscles get weak or overly tight, we should take it as a signal to pay attention to our pelvic floor health. From my experience, it’s also a sign to explore a natural way to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and try pelvic floor yoga.

yuliana g teaching pelvic floor yoga woman belly beach practice

Why am I advocating for it this much? Well, because it’s a game-changer. Pelvic floor yoga is a natural, non-invasive and sustainable way to:

🔹 Strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, and restore their healthy tone and elasticity

🔹 Get rid of delicate problems in a feminine way (stress urinary incontinence, prolapse of 1 and 2 degrees, hemorrhoids, vaginal flatulence (or farting vagina))

🔹 Prevent women's health problems

🔹 Prepare for pregnancy and birth

🔹 Recover after childbirth and get back to the level of health and shape as it was BEFORE and even BETTER

🔹 Increase libido and start getting pleasure from sex

🔹 Improve your sensitivity and start getting orgasms

🔹 Take your sex life to a new, amazing for YOU, level

I GUARANTEE these results if you practice pelvic floor yoga consistently and correctly - with a competent approach to training, following the correct technique and supervised by a certified coach.

It’s time to act. Try pelvic floor yoga training with my “Women’s health 1.0” online course today!

What to expect from it?

👉 4 detailed video tutorials with step-by-step instructions for doing the exercises (turn on the video and practice with me)

👉 effective training program with guaranteed results

👉 1-year access to the materials

👉 nice bonuses like my personal feedback if you need one and discounts for personal training

Not sure if this is the best way for you to try? Book a 30-minute discovery call with me to discuss what would work best for you.

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