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Perfect body - is there a shortcut?

We all are looking for shortcuts and easy ways to achieve results. Especially when it comes to health and body shape 😅

Unfortunately, I don’t know any (or believe in them for that matter!). A healthy body in great shape is a result of consistent committed work on your body and mind. This, from my experience, includes pelvic floor yoga training, meditation, good nutrition, certified coaches and a community of like-minded people who can support you on the way.

Apart from that, nutrition plays a huge role in keeping you and your body healthy and happy. You can’t split a physical activity be it, pelvic floor yoga, Nauli, or any sport from nutrition and say you focus on one. They work together. There’s no point in doing pelvic floor exercises religiously but then eating sweets all day long.

woman belly yoga studio yuliana g pelvic floor yoga studio

Choosing to work on one aspect only will bring ½ result:

- choosing a diet, you will lose weight, but you’ll also lose muscle tone, skin elasticity may get worse and the quality of the body will not change for the better

- choosing only sports or pelvic floor yoga/Nauli, you’ll get a slow result, you’ll lose a bit of weight, and your muscles will get stronger, but the results will take a looooong time, and you’ll be at risk of losing your motivation

But it is worth combining a balanced diet and Nauli, and your body will begin to change before your eyes! Only such a combo will work a miracle - you’ll look and feel different and everyone will notice your transformation.

Many women lose weight on Nauli and pelvic floor exercises without changing their diet, but imagine what the effect would be if they adjusted their diet 🤩

Start your transformation today. Book a 30-minute discovery call with me to find the best starting point.

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