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Say good bye to incontinence in just a few weeks!

Getting rid of incontinence is the easiest case for pelvic floor yoga. It’s also one of the most popular reasons to get into the training.

With proper training of the pelvic floor muscles, aimed at strengthening and revitalizing a healthy tone and elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles, incontinence goes away on average in 1-2 months. That’s quite a statement, isn’t it?

The efficiency of pelvic floor yoga training has been proven by the international medical community.

The most important thing to achieve the results is to train correctly (it’s recommended to start with professional supervision of a pelvic floor health expert to ensure correct technique and eliminate mistakes) and regularly.

Me, personally, I got rid of quite a severe case of incontinence in just 2 months. I was living with it for over a year untreated, making me miserable and insecure and then in just 2 months of consistent training it was gone. All my students, who come to me with the request “I want to get rid of incontinence” notice improvements during the first few weeks of pelvic floor yoga practice and successfully get rid of incontinence in 1-3 months. That’s a great success!

yuliana g pelvic floor training woman on the beach in silver bikini beach huts palm trees

Incontinence is a problem that should NOT be left to chance. When untreated, it often turns into prolapse of the pelvic organs and other female health issues.

You need to act here and now. Start training today and get rid of incontinence in 1-3 months of pelvic floor training under the supervision of a certified trainer (me :) ).

Get in touch - book a 30-minute discovery call with me to find the best starting point.

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