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Still feel the effect of holidays on your body?

Well, who doesn't, right? We all have a tendency to over-indulge over the festive season but it’s important to give your body some rest and restart digestion and all other body functions in the right way.

My recommendations are easy. Firstly, do a detox. Take a week off sweets, sodas, alcohol, red meat, sauces, and processed foods. Eat clean, drink water and in just a week you’ll feel lighter, cleaner, healthier and more energetic. Respect your body, it pays off.

Secondly, with that new energy from the detox, start learning Nauli, a wonderful pelvic floor yoga practice. There isn’t a better way to get a fantastic body AND get women’s health in check in just 15 min a day of consistent training.

How does Nauli help to achieve the mirror reflection you would LOVE?

  1. Helps to get into a better shape and get rid of unwanted weight

  2. Strengthens abdominal muscles that will shape a toned and beautiful belly

  3. Improves skin quality and reduces sagginess

Yuliana G doing belly breathing beautiful belly flat stomac

Apart from the visual effects, it will also help to:

✔️Prevents internal organs prolapse

✔️ Improves digestion, reduces bloating

✔️ Normalizes menstrual cycle and reduces menstrual pains

✔️ Supports pleasurable, pain-free sex

✔️ Helps to reduce water retention in the body

And, actually, a lot more 🤫

You can see the effect of Nauli training and its first results in just one month if you do pelvic floor training consistently and correctly!

Ready to act? Get in touch with me for a 1-1 consultation where we will try Nauli straight away!

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