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The best time to focus on your health is when nothing hurts

This might sound unconventional but let me explain. Most of my life I was living with guided by the “fix it when it breaks” approach. I was always mindful of my health and tried to eat healthy and be active but I’d not do anything specifically to prevent things like aging, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence etc. Until things went south and I got quite a few symptoms from the list above (read my personal story here) and later learned that most of the painful symptoms could have been avoided, postponed or lived through in a lot easier form if only I had known about pelvic floor and face yoga and practiced them consistently.

Yuliana G pelvic floor training woman doing cat cow on the white sand beach

When I was suffering from incontinence, my doctor recommended I “take it easy” and do nothing about it. When I came back half a year later, I was diagnosed with an internal organs prolapse and offered only 1 solution - surgery. That made me realize that modern medicine works with solving health problems but not with preventing you from having them. Which should be the case, in my opinion.

In my practices as well as in my life in general, I look for ways to constantly improve health and train as consistently when nothing bothers me as in moments when I have issues. Health problems prevention is as important (if not more) as their resolution and that’s why the best time to practice is when nothing hurts :)

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