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THE MOST BENEFICIAL pelvic floor yoga technique that doesn't have analogues

Have you guessed what am I talking about? Nauli, of course ☺️

There are 3 main reasons why Nauli is the absolutely best pelvic floor yoga practice for both, female health and body toning👇

nauli pelvic floor yoga technique yuliana g exercise woman's belly

🟢Visceral massage of internal organs.

Activation of the deep abdominal muscles triggers the bile duct, which affects the peristalsis of the intestines. A clean bowel eliminates problems with constipation and gas.

☝️ It also starts the lymph flow and the process of self-detoxification (the liver is cleansed), and metabolism increases.

All this leads to a complex rejuvenation of organs and the body.

🟢Hypoxia (oxygen starvation), which occurs when you hold your breath, allows you to accumulate energy and prolong youth.

When we do not breathe, old unnecessary mitochondria die off. ☝️This has a positive effect on FAT BURNING.

🟢NAULI is a powerful physical activity and exercise. The blood flow increases, as well as the tone of all abdominal muscles. This helps to eliminate fat deposits and bring prolapsed organs back up to their places.

Plus, during the exercises, pelvic floor organs and reproductive systems are getting activated. Nauli is not only health but also body beauty, a connection with our feminine energy and our inner selves.

Get your 1-1 consultation with me today to try Nauli and feel all those powerful positive changes that this pelvic floor yoga technique brings!

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