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What are pelvic floor muscles and how to train them?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles along the floor of the pelvis that stretches from the pubic bone at the front, to the tailbone at the back and from one sitting bone to the other. Women´s pelvic floor muscles support our bladder, bowel and uterus (womb). The openings from these organs (the urethra from the bladder, the vagina from the uterus and the rectum from the bowel) pass through the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles wrap tightly around these passages to help keep them closed.

Why is it essential to exercise pelvic floor muscles? What bonuses does one get?


We aren´t encouraged to talk or to write about our pelvic floor muscles in our society, because it seems to be something private and even a shameful subject for someone. But it´s a part of us and a really important part! Our strength, girls, is in it! So if you get it and you experience it you´ll be bound to be happy. We can enjoy our life 100% and all we need is to be in perfect harmony with ourselves. In order to obtain it, we have to connect with this important part of us: uterus, and all pelvic organs.

woman in red leggings on the beach with sunrise doing yoga and breathing in a lotus position

There are different techniques to train our PFM (pelvic floor muscles) the majority of them are interrelated with breathing techniques, classic yogic vacuum, and yoga asanas. While we´ll be working on our PFM we´ll involve our hormonal system, body diaphragms, and inner body energy. Take care of yourself and as a result: you´ll be healthier (solutions to many female problems), happier, more energetic, and as a bonus, your s·x life will be taken to the next level.

Take the first step to your happiest healthiest self - book a private class or a free introductory 20-min consultation with me. I'll be delighted to help you find an optimal solution for your health questions.

PS: If you prefer to get familiar with the basics of pelvic floor exercises on your own, join my online course "Women's health 1.0" here.

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