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Face muscles do yoga?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

I´m sure you've heard about face yoga (or face fitness, or face gymnsatics) 100 times, but never knew what exactly it was. So let me help you to understand what it is. By the way, these exercises will allow you to look not only young and naturally beautiful but also healthy, radiant, and glowing.

Face yoga is a set of exercises that are aimed at improving your facial muscle tone and balance. These salubrious exercises will also have a positive effect on your neck and posture. It gives you the perks of a self-massage element, relaxation practice, and lymphatic drainage practice. By doing these exercises you work on your mimic and psycho-emotional state.

Yuliana G woman in red dress teaching a face yoga class for women with mirrors and doing face gymnastics training

There are 57 (the number is constantly being updated) facial muscles on our face and for such a relatively small part of the body - it´s a huge amount. There are 2 groups of them: masticatory muscles (chewing movement), and muscles of facial expression. The first group is similar in structure to skeletal muscle and they are attached by two ends to the bones. The facial expression muscles are attached only by one end to the bones of the skull, whereas other ends are woven into adjacent muscles and partially grow together with the skin.

When the muscles are healthy they are elastic, they stretch and contract well. But with aging they weaken, become shorter, narrower, and thin, they have no other choice but to fold in wrinkles. By performing face gymnastics exercises, you´ll gain back your youthful, radiant complexion.

Since all the facial muscles are interrelated, it´s crucial to work on each of them to get the desired result. Regularity is the key to smooth, elastic face skin. And there is no age limit to start with these exercises. As they say, practice makes perfect, so let´s start practicing face yoga!

You can book your free consultation with me here or head straight to an individual session booking here so we can focus on your face together, assess your needs and define the best way to get to that young, fresh and toned face!

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