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What to expect from a Women's Health 1.0 online course?

I want to dig into the Women’s Health 1.0 course today and share the logic behind its structure and practices. I developed the program focusing on 3 main blocks:

Part 1: Pelvic floor health theory

Part 2: Powerful yogic breathing techniques with detailed manuals

Part 3: Nauli Kriya theory and practice

Let’s dive into each of them one by one:

Yuliana G pelvic floor yoga teacher explaining pelvic floor health with a training model

Part 1: Pelvic floor health theory

It’s important to start from the beginning. Pelvic floor health isn’t something we learn from an early age. It’s usually something we discover when something goes wrong. In the first class, we’ll just all get on the same page.

I start the course with an introduction to pelvic floor health, explaining in detail its dysfunction - the inability to correctly relax and coordinate your pelvic floor muscles to have a bowel movement. Amongst other conditions, the latter is the main cause of urine leakage, a weak bladder, and constipation issues.

In the first theoretical part, I also cover all you need to know about intra-abdominal pressure.

Part 2: Powerful yogic breathing techniques with detailed manuals

Yogic breathing techniques are extremely effective in relaxing your body and mind and work magic in supporting the healing process. In the course, you will learn one of the most powerful breathing yoga exercises – kapalabhati (also a part of my free guide!) and Uddiyana Bandha - an incredibly effective for pelvic floor training abdominal lift in which you suck your abdominal wall in and up at the end of exhalation while restraining the breath.

Part 3: Nauli Kriya theory and practice

Nauli has a cleaning effect on the abdominal region, especially on digestive organs and the small intestine. It massages internal belly organs by a circular movement of the abdominal muscles. Though improvement in digestion is not the only benefit Nauli has. It also helps to:

- improve intimate zone immunity (no infections, no cystitis, no dysbacteriosis)

- regulate and balance the hormonal system (no hormonal imbalances)

- increase energy levels & boost self-esteem (look and feel on 100%)

- tones abdominal muscles and improves stomach skin quality (no more baggy clothes and stomach hiding)

Join my online course to improve your female health and get a flat stomach with pelvic floor exercises. The first class is on me ;)

Hesitant? Get a free consultation here.

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