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Why experts are crucial to kick-start your face yoga exercises

There are countless face yoga techniques ⁠and exercises. Some are focusing on face muscles strengthening, some on relaxing, and some have a combination of both. But without experience and deep knowledge of the topic, how to make sense of all this variety?

Before becoming a certified face yoga coach, I was in those shoes. I was browsing countless websites with different exercises, was going through online marathons and online guides getting completely lost in all that mass of information. I was trying all the techniques - it sounded like I needed at all: lifting, relaxing, strengthening. I was doing more or less one exercise from each source I discovered that week. I was spending a lot of time, wasn’t sure if I was doing things right and, not surprisingly, wasn’t getting wow-results. I was about to give up.

One day I decided to try a personal consultation with a face yoga coach. She ⁠had vast experience in teaching face yoga and in 4 hours, she shared all the basics of face fitness, taught me how to do basic exercises that were right for my face and corrected mistakes that I was making. ⁠

That day I finally realized what face yoga was about and gained confidence that the results will follow. And they did! I implemented a daily 10-min long face yoga practice into my routine and it did magic - my face oval was improving, wrinkles started becoming less noticeable, the face color started becoming healthier. All that with just 10 minutes of consistent daily training.

After that one session with the expert, everything made sense and I found the perfect recipe to keep my face healthy, fresh and young.

That happened 10 years ago. Since then, I progressed with the face yoga training, improved and modified my magical complex of face exercises to better help me with the changes that I was experiencing like aging, pregnancy hormonal imbalance etc. and, finally, got certified as a face yoga instructor at the International Face Fitness Academy.

woman is touching face of another woman face yoga exercises Yuliana G face yoga training face massage

Today, I’m offering these magical personal consultations myself and helping women to find the right approach to their faces. The main focus of my first face yoga class is:

  • Give you a bit of theoretical background on the facial muscles structure. This helps with an understanding of how our muscles work and why certain changes are happening.

  • Assess the condition of your face muscles and identify the main areas of the face yoga focus specifically for you.

  • Give you a set of exercises that work specifically for your face type and needs. We’ll agree on the length and content to make sure that’s something feasible for your daily execution.

  • Let you try doing the complex on your own and correct mistakes if any.

I am confident you’ll see results ON YOUR FACE.

PS: I want to clarify that I do not consider face fitness a panacea. A healthy face can’t be achieved by face yoga alone. It heavily depends on your nutrition, posture, physical activity, sleeping habits, and a balanced internal state (constant stress and worries will always leave marks).

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