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The truth about Kegel's invention

And what did Kegel create? 🧐

dr. kegel old black and white photo

Every woman knows about Kegel exercises. But what exactly does everyone about Arnold Kegel’s invention?

Let’s dive into history to understand it better. The doctor worked in the 1940s, and before him, there was a whole era of Geishas, ​​priestesses, and concubines, there were Taoist practices and yoga. Women knew about pelvic floor training and were practicing it on their own. There are even myths that Cleopatra's tomb had pebbles of the exact shape and size as intimate balls we use to train pelvic floor muscles!

So why is Kegel famous? Not for pelvic floor training in general but he invented a simulator for strengthening the muscles of the pelvis called "Perineometer".

At first, he conducted mini-trainings: during the examination, he tested whether the woman really retracts the perineum, and if the woman does not know how to do this, he first taught them how to retract correctly and only then allowed to use the simulator.

Over the past 20 years, knowledge about the anatomy and biomechanics of the body has advanced a lot, and the modern system of pelvic floor training has changed a lot in its approach: it has become obvious that the body is a complicated and interconnected system, and the modern approach takes into account everything: from a woman’s habits in everyday life, her posture, condition of the diaphragm, clamps in the small pelvis, lifestyle, including myofascial release, stretching, and many other factors.

The effect of pelvic floor yoga is still better with equipment as Kegel concluded. In today’s crazy variety of those training pieces, I settled on 2 that I like the most: intimate balls and a vaginal expander.

Are you intrigued by all of it and want to learn more? Then get in touch - I’ll be happy to talk it over in an introductory chat.

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