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During pelvic floor practices, we work with internal organs and perform visceral self-massage (and like any massage, it’s better done on an empty stomach). Food and water in the gastrointestinal tract might provoke vomit or worse, problems with your esophagus.


You can not do one pelvic floor yoga practice and ignore other parts of the pelvic floor training that help you to prepare the body for it (e.g. breathing, Uddiyana, etc.). Pelvic floor training is a set of practices each of which is performed one after another. It is important to properly prepare your body for pelvic floor yoga in order to effectively work with the internal organs and abdominal muscles, and not to cause any harm.

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Pelvic floor practices are serious and must be shown to you by a professional to ensure that you’re approaching the training with the correct technique. The dangers of missing this step could be hemorrhoids, vaginal flatulence (farting sounds from the vagina), and worsening problems with women's health.

In all my client sessions, I pay 100% of my attention to the technique of each of my students and share all the tips & tricks to ensure the correct execution of the pelvic floor exercises.

Are you ready to achieve amazing results in improving your female health, body & skin quality and lose some weight? Get a 30-minute discovery call with me to get started.

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There are a few “rules” to make sure your results come fast👇

It is very important, especially at the beginning of your journey, to practice pelvic floor yoga every day (or actually, every morning), and do the programming as your coach/pelvic floor yoga instructor prescribed. The results will come from as little as 15 min of exercise every day.

The right technique and pelvic floor coach’s feedback.

If you repeatedly perform the wrong action, you might damage your pelvic health. It’s incredibly important to learn the correct technique straight away as it’s a lot harder to fix the habits of incorrect training than to learn the right approach. That is why I personally check each student on my pelvic floor yoga programs.

The programming.

Training plan and your personal program will bring you the results you want in the fastest way possible. Trying some exercises here and there doesn’t help you on the way to your best version of yourself. A well-built sequence of exercises will give the effect of pelvic floor yoga classes, so you can already see the changes after a few weeks of training💪

Setting the goal/defining problem you want to solve.

Our brain acts like a navigator - show it the endpoint and it will try to take you there.

I see the goal = I see no obstacles. At the beginning of my pelvic floor yoga training programs, I analyze the request in detail with each student and explain how we will achieve our goals step by step.

Keeping results up.

Consistent training after learning the basics with the pelvic floor yoga coach is key. It’s like going to the gym - it only works with consistent work. It doesn’t mean it will fall apart if you skip a day or even a week :) We’re all humans, we have days we don’t want to or can’t do anything, so let it be. But overall consistency is important in getting and keeping results.

Get in touch - book a 30-minute discovery call with me to find the best starting point and build a personal program just for you.

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Getting rid of incontinence is the easiest case for pelvic floor yoga. It’s also one of the most popular reasons to get into the training.

With proper training of the pelvic floor muscles, aimed at strengthening and revitalizing a healthy tone and elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles, incontinence goes away on average in 1-2 months. That’s quite a statement, isn’t it?

The efficiency of pelvic floor yoga training has been proven by the international medical community.

The most important thing to achieve the results is to train correctly (it’s recommended to start with professional supervision of a pelvic floor health expert to ensure correct technique and eliminate mistakes) and regularly.

Me, personally, I got rid of quite a severe case of incontinence in just 2 months. I was living with it for over a year untreated, making me miserable and insecure and then in just 2 months of consistent training it was gone. All my students, who come to me with the request “I want to get rid of incontinence” notice improvements during the first few weeks of pelvic floor yoga practice and successfully get rid of incontinence in 1-3 months. That’s a great success!

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Incontinence is a problem that should NOT be left to chance. When untreated, it often turns into prolapse of the pelvic organs and other female health issues.

You need to act here and now. Start training today and get rid of incontinence in 1-3 months of pelvic floor training under the supervision of a certified trainer (me :) ).

Get in touch - book a 30-minute discovery call with me to find the best starting point.

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