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Why try pelvic floor yoga?

Let’s imagine a scenario where you experience some pelvic floor issues (pain, incontinence, low libido, etc.) but you don’t do anything about it and from slight discomfort, it grows to big discomfort and at some point, the issue becomes so big that you give in. You start moving less (because it hurts), you limit some activities (because it leaks) or don’t have intimate closeness (because you don’t feel like it and your self-esteem isn’t really there). Does it sound like a great plan? I don’t think so.

Pelvic pains, urinal incontinence and other pelvic floor issues often affect our self-esteem, our ability to do what we love and to enjoy life. Many women endure pelvic floor issues because there are not that many options to fix them. This is where pelvic floor yoga comes in. It helps to get rid of the issues in a natural, non-surgical and non-medicinal way. How exactly does one benefit from pelvic floor yoga?


Women doing yoga on the beach palm tree on the background in blue and beige yoga outfits

Firstly, pelvic floor yoga improves overall female health and intimate zone immunity as well as helps to improve your specific health issues like urinal incontinence (leakage), constipation, low libido, painful PMS, etc.

Secondly, it does not require any preparation - the exercises are pretty simple, and the progress is very visible after a couple of months of constant training

Thirdly, it helps you to connect with yourself better - getting to know all your body parts intimately and getting comfortable and confident with your intimate zone is a powerful weapon to get that self-esteem up and achieve better internal harmony.

Many of my clients came to me skeptical and left converted to the pelvic floor yoga daily training. Try it for yourself - book a private class with me today and feel like yourself again!

If you prefer to get familiar with the basics of pelvic floor exercises on your own, join my online course "Women's health 1.0" here.

Your health is in your hands.

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