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Good posture is NOT overrated

We all know that posture is important, yet working on improving posture is something we often put off until later (similarly to the ideas of waking up earlier or watching less TV). Probably, because not all of us know how standing up straighter can positively impact our lives. The main effects of a straight back are:

1. Your face will be grateful

Bad posture can damage your joints: text neck, for example, places stress on your shoulder joint, neck, and surrounding muscles, which can lead to pain and injury.

On top of that, bad posture can cause early ageing - wrinkles, creases and a dull complexion appear from a lack of “nutrition” through the vessels that go to the face through the neck and shoulder section. Good posture improves circulation which is what our face needs. And face yoga can help to tone face muscles further :)

⁠ 2. Your pelvis will be happy

Tipping your pelvis forward stresses out your spine and can lead to decreased core strength, as well as back and hip pain. Over the long haul, bad posture can lead to tendonitis, bone spurs, and other health issues that are affecting pelvic floor health. Your muscles are aligned and balanced by good posture. It also helps to decrease joint compression and reduce risks of injury.

3. Headaches will be less of a headache

Tension headaches are usually caused by a tight neck, upper back, and jaw muscles, and it's most often the forward head and forward shoulders posture that causes them. Straight back = less headaches.

4. You will have more energy

Standing with good posture allows your diaphragm to work more efficiently, which makes breathing easier. Efficient breathing regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout your body and keeps you energized. No coffee is needed 😜

woman in a green dress by the sea and the rocks sitting on a picnic hands up in the air

5. You will stress less

The University of Auckland did a study recently that concluded that sitting up straight can be used as a coping mechanism against stress. Sitting up straight can stimulate a spike in blood pressure, and help to fight stress, researchers suspect.

Did I manage to convince you? Try adding this quick 5-min posture practice to your morning routine and you’ll see and feel the results.

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