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Why take care of your female health and get into pelvic floor yoga?

The reasons to focus on our women’s health will be different for everyone but there are 5 common things that (I believe) every woman would benefit from and those are enough to get into pelvic floor yoga.

Our pelvic floor muscles hold the pelvic organs in place. When the muscles are in good shape, then all the organs are in the right places and there’s no risk of prolapse.

✅Improve hormonal levels and delay menopause.

Our ovaries produce estrogens, hormones of beauty and youth. During pelvic floor yoga training, natural stimulation of the ovaries occurs. This helps keeping hormonal levels healthy and delay menopause.

✅Prepare for childbirth.

Only elastic muscles of the pelvic floor can really go through childbirth easily without serious consequences for women's health after (e.g. hemorrhoids, stress urinary incontinence, prolapse)

✅Get rid of stagnation in the pelvic organs.

Every woman who leads a sedentary lifestyle needs to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs and that’s easy to do with just 10-15 min a day pelvic floor yoga training.

✅Improve the quality of your sex life & build a connection with your feminine self.

The buildup of libido, the development of sensitivity are one of the main goals of pelvic floor yoga apart from the health improvement. Strong pelvic floor muscles can bring a lot of bright colors into your sex life and a lot of pleasure for you. But most importantly, you’ll get to know your body better and connect with your feminine self. That’s priceless.

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